n. chiefly British
             1. a woodland
             2. an area of open rolling upland
[ from weald, a once-forested area in southeast England, from Old English wald, weald, forest]

I'm Charmaine, a writer and photographer living in the beautiful Essex countryside, with my husband Chris and our daughter Lily. 

Weald is a family blog dedicated to adventures near and far, focussed on discovering wonderful places to stay and wild spaces to explore. As a family we are happiest outdoors, camping, enjoying coastal walks or visiting beautiful gardens.  

I love to tell stories through photography and have worked with The National Trust, Roskilly's, The Leach Pottery, Rick Stein and The Lost Gardens of Heligan amongst others. 

If you are interested in working with me, please view my 'work with me' page or email me at wealdblog[at]gmail.com.